JREF Unbanned by Youtube

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Saturday, April 4, 2009 | Published in

Looks like the James Randi Educational Foundation is back and running on YouTube. The ban happened because of a little copyright issue as Randi explains here:

This still doesn't excuse the fact that the JREF's videos were blocked for four days. Especially since the issue was over a copyright that the copyright owner had no problem releasing to the JREF. YouTube's terms of service and the DMCA are still crap. There should be a better way for Youtube channel owners to resolve copyright issues without the Ban Hammer falling without warning. This has been happening too often lately and is quickly becoming a disturbing trend. If Youtube insists on being so draconian with their rules than another video hosting site will quickly overtake them. To paraphrase Gregg Easterbrook: There is no immutable law that says YouTube will always be the most popular video site on the internet.

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