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The Secular Student Alliance just recently had their annual conference in Columbus, OH at The Ohio State University and decided that they need a fun little field trip to add to the secular experience. Instead of going to the boring old Louisville Science Center or the Louisville Slugger Museum or even Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom they made a trek to Petersburg, Kentucky to the monument of stupidity and shrine to ignorance that is Ken Ham's Creation "Museum". 'Tis a truly heinous place that encapsulates all that is wrong with America right now. The fact that a large percentage of my fellow citizens despises science and embraces such dense religious dogma infuriates and confuses me. I would like to go see this monstosity some day but I'm a bit hesitant to give my money to their cause. It would have been nice to have gone with fellow skeptics on this little outing but my work schedule is always keeping me from doing cool stuff.

Thankfully though quite a few bloggers were along for the journey. PZ Myers has a post over at Pharyngula that has collected blog posts from just about everyone that went there. He's also been sparring with Ken Ham a bit over a couple of the exhibits. Jen at Blag Hag has a 9 part series on the madness (she also did me a favor by taking a pic of my favorite artifact in the history of the world!) Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist has also written a long blog post about it with tons of awesome pictures. Many people tried to tweet from inside the museum but had problems with their reception. However people are still using the #CreoZerg hashtag to talk about the mission.

I'll leave you with a single picture that helps capture the true absurdity of a Creation "Museum", PZ Myers riding a triceratops:

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