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I'm a huge fan of Fundies Say the Darnedest Things. I make several trips there a day because it is, IMHO, the best humor site on the internet. There is nothing funnier than watching fundies make fools of themselves. That's why I was especially disheartened to see this this morning:

It's been a good run, but the FSTDT archive is going into read only-mode effective Mar 1, 2009. Thank you everyone who has contributed to the archive over the years :)

Apparently FSTDT's owner Yahweh has decided to give it all up. She's taking the site down for good. But not to fear, several admins are working behind the scenes to bring it back to life. Distind has put up a temporary board to let everyone know what is going on. So far he has copied the entire database and is working on getting it uploaded to I'm hoping he improves the layout too. The current layout is sooo turn of the century. I'll post updates as I get them.

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