Memebomb Database

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | Published in

A memebomb is defined as a short one sentence "mind virus" that can be used at various times and locations to get an audience to stop being a schmuck and start using their brains. To help propagate these memebombs Triple Zero, programmer extraordinaire, has graced us with a new project to capture these memes from the wild and put them on display for the whole world to see. In other words, he has built an Official-like Discordian Memebomb database. It's mostly in the spirit of in that there is a way to submit your own quotes, vote other quotes up and down, look at the current Top 100 (and Bottom 100), or just look at a random sampling. This looks like a really worthwhile that could produce great results from years. It's nice having all of these good memebombs in one place for easy perusal. So, go over there and help add to the madness:

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