Comfort and Joy

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I'm sure most of you know Ray Comfort. I know I've mentioned him and his boy sidekick Kurt Cameron several times before. He is arguably the worst Christian apologist in the history of the world. So bad that Poe's Law kicks in and you have no idea if he is being serious or not. (I still have an inkling that he is a Black Flag troll purposely trying to make Christians look stupid but I'll save that for another time.) Anywho, someone named TaishaMcGee has decided to fashion a suitable tribute to Ray-Ray out of felt and thread and put it up for sale on Etsy. Without further ado I present to you the Ray Comfort Tampon Holder (complete with banana):

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As she says:

This is an Art Piece I created as a reaction to Ray Comfort's blatant and willful ignorance. If you don't "get" this piece, that's a sign that you still have your faith in humanity. I realize this piece is somewhat anti-feminist, but so is Ray. Profits from the sale of this item will go to a program supporting young female paleontologists. Tampons ARE included.

And it can be your for the low low price of $10 (plus S&H). Act now! Operators are standing by!!!

(Hat tip to Unreasonable Faith)

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