Please Deface This Bible

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Thursday, July 23, 2009 | Published in

Yeah, I lied about no more British-based stories. This one is too interesting to pass up though. The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow has put a Bible on display and asked people to write down their thoughts on its pages:
Next to the Bible lie several pens with a note saying: "If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it".

Several visitors have already taken up the offer, choosing to leave messages of abuse and obscenity rather than support for the words of God.

"This is all sexist pish, so disregard it all," one message read.

Another scrawled over the first page of Genesis: "I am Bi, Female & Proud. I want no god who is disappointed in this".

Others wrote: "The Gospel According to Luke Skywalker", "F*** the Bible" and "Facist God".
Not very creative, if you ask me. Surely you could come up with something funnier to add to the Bible. Personally I would have just written [Citation Needed] over and over again.

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