Witchcraft in Nigeria

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Nigeria has a serious problem with witchcraft. Or more specifically, they have a problem with crazy people thinking that other people are doing witchcraft. Children are being abandoned, tortured and even killed everyday for simply crying at night or getting sick. You know that superstition has taken a strong hold when people are willing to sacrifice their own children.

The Nigerian Humanist Association and Stepping Stones Nigeria are doing their best to stop the insanity but Helen Ukpabio and her band of religious thugs aren't having it. When Leo Igwe, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement, decided to have a conference called "Child Rights and Witchcraft" in Calabar last month Helen and 150 members of her Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries decided to break it up:
As the anti-witchcraft conference began at around 10.30am, the religious protesters dressed in orange raided the venue and began protesting loudly. The extremists were carrying a number of banners with slogans such as, "This protest is organised by The Akwa Ibom State Government", "We give freedom to the witches" and "Stepping Stone is not a registered organisation".

Among the other delegates attacked, Leo Igwe had his glasses smashed and his bag, phone and camera stolen by the mob, who were alternately singing and aggressively disrupting the conference. After an hour and a half, the police turned up and dispersed the mob. One person was arrested.

Speaking after the event Leo said: "The conference was a peaceful meeting for people to openly debate what could be done to prevent the abuse of child rights linked to the belief in witchcraft. This attack by Helen Ukpabio’s supporters once again highlights the depravity of this so-called "woman of God". Such false prophets should be immediately arrested and prosecuted under the child rights act".

Video from their protest has been uploaded to Youtube. It's rather eerie to see people act so violently while singing Christian hymns.

There's an online petition (yeah, yeah, I know) started asking the Nigeria government to bring Helen Ukpabio to justice. Let's hope they listen before more children are killed.

(Hat tip to the Friendly Atheist)

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