Choose Your Own Misadventure: The Office Revolution

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Your Lord and Savior, Professor Cramulus has just added a new and exciting leg of his Choose Your Own Misadventure Wiki. This time instead of going to school, getting lost in an ancient sewer or playing with a purple unicorn you get to enjoy a nice relaxing day at work:
You open your eyes and find yourself sitting in your cubicle at work. The computer hums, the flourescent lights shine overhead. You're wearing uncomfortable clothes and feel generally uncomfortable.

This is "spacing out" -- staring forward and looking at your monitor without doing anything. It looks like you're working, but you're not actually working.

Suddenly, somewhere else in the office, you hear hysterical shrieking.
I won't give away too much of the story away but things devolve rather quickly. For instance here is a nice illustration from page 553:

Now, go have your own misadventure! Or if you are feeling creative, feel free to add on to the story. The choice is yours!!!


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