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A lot of Discordian works came out of very careful plan. They often start with a kernel of an idea. Then submissions are taken. Stories are edited. Pages are formatted and re-formatted. Several rough drafts are posted on Scribd. It's a long and tedious process to achieve perfection. But occasionally, that process is completely scrapped and Divine Inspiration from the Goddess Herself strikes. A mood comes over everyone at the same time like the Spirit shaking everyone to their toes. The new work "Hey, LMNO..." started out as a simple post from The Good Reverend Roger to LMNO about "the bigass spider as big as the world". Then it takes a turn for the surreal. Things go back and forth pretty quickly between TGRR, LMNO, Richter, Kai, Rev. What's-His-Name and Nigel. There really is no way to describe this thing so go read it for yourself:


Big Thanks to Agent Pariah for the awesome formatting job here.

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