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Erisiana - What is it? Could it be a cabal of Discordians from the great state of Indiana? No, I'm very certain that I am the only Discordian within 100 miles of Indiana* and my cabal of one has a much longer name. Is it perhaps a Discordian adaptation of the 2005 geopolitical thriller starring George Clooney entitled "Syriana"? Is it a floor cleaner? Dessert topping? Both? No, stop making silly guesses.

What Erisiana is is a brand new holy text from everyone's favorite Finnish Discordian Masks of Eris. If you follow his blog you will no doubt be unsurprised that Erisiana is more atheistic then most Discordians texts and is math heavy in spots. I personally liked the physical description of Eris in chapter 19. All in all, it's a very good read. It's definitely worth adding to your collection.


* - Go Colts!!!

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