Selling Your Soul

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | Published in

Oh ho, those crazy East Europeans! According to an article in something called Mosnews (it's on the internets, so it's gotta be true!) a Latvian finance company is offering loans with a very interesting catch. You can use your immortal soul as collateral:
Riga-based firm, named Kontora, does not require credit history record or proof of employment. It grants loans of 50 to 500 Latvian lats ($100 to $1,000) to any adult after he or she signs the a very short agreement.

According to the agreement, the only security required of the borrower is their immortal soul, which they are asked to confirm as their previously unmortgaged property.
As the song goes, "If I sold my soul for a bag of gold to you, which one of us would be the foolish one?" Plus I'm sure you could default on the loan if you can convince the courts that you are morally bankrupt.


  1. Anonymous

    Next major bubble: Forclosed soul derivatives

    Next major crash losers: Vatican and Church of Scientology crushed under debt.

    June 30, 2009 at 3:28 AM

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