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Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | Published in

I usually hate those annoying quizzes that clutter up the internet like "How Pure are You???" or "What Kind of Lover Are You?" I'll make an exception for this quiz though. It's entitled "Do You Have Biblical Morals?" To give you an idea of where it's headed, here is question #1:

Two strangers visit your home, and you are kind enough to provide them with accommodations for the night. They tell you they are angels appearing on behalf of the Lord. However, later in the evening, an angry mob turns up seeking to sodomize your guests. Do you:

Protect your guests and call the police.
Expel your guests and call the police.
Turn your preteen daughters over to the crowd to be raped.

Somehow I ended up getting an 8%. That last question was just too tricky for me, I suppose.

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