St. Darwin the Innovator

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Thursday, February 12, 2009 | Published in

One of my favorite age old traditions in Discordianism is the practice of sainting those that we feel are worth of praise. Any Discordian pope (which would be every man, woman and child) is free to grant sainthood on those that inspire them the most. This can be the bold, the brilliant, the brave, or the just plain bonkers.

So, on this the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin I have decided to venerate the most important thinker in the history of biology. Darwin was a singular genius that tied together many ideas that had been floating around since before the time of his grandfather, Erasmus. He showed that a common thread flowed through all living things. That we are all connected in one way or another, even though the last official connection might have been 2 billion years ago. And that nature has a way of selecting those that are most adapted to their surroundings.

His theory also showed that all of life is one giant emergent system. It helped champion the idea that from very basic components and rules that complexity is not only possible but it is inevitable. It shows that a fine balance of both Disorder (genetic mutations) and Order (natural selection) can produce the most beautiful magic in the universe.

And so, by the power invested in me, Pope Iason Ouabache the Skeptic, by the Most High Goddess Eris I pronounce thee Saint Darwin the Innovator.

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