The Incredible Yes Men

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Friday, May 29, 2009 | Published in

The Yes Men are Discordian Saint of the highest order. For those that have never heard of them, the Yes Men is a group of culture jamming political activists who use a technique called "identity correction" to fight back against unethical corporations. They set up spoof websites in order to attract invitations to conferences, tv shows, etc. as representatives of major corporations. They've managed to "represent" Dow (and Union Carbide) in order to apologize for the Bhopal accident, send a HUD "representative" to attempt to reopen a housing development in New Orleans, and promote an invention called SurvivaBalls as Haliburton. They have a unique style of guerrilla activism that makes people sit up and take notice. I have no idea how they have been able to get away with everything they have done and not end up in jail.

Here's a great video of a lecture they gave at PopTech back in 2006. There are quite a few clips of them in action too. Enjoy.

(Hat tip to Wooster Collective)

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