Creationism in the UK

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Now I get to be a smug American and point out that Creationism and science illiteracy isn't just a problem on this side of the Atlantic:

Poll reveals public doubts over Charles Darwin's theory of evolution

More than half of the public believe that the theory of evolution cannot explain the full complexity of life on Earth, and a "designer" must have lent a hand, the findings suggest.

And one in three believe that God created the world within the past 10,000 years.

In the survey, 51 per cent of those questioned agreed with the statement that "evolution alone is not enough to explain the complex structures of some living things, so the intervention of a designer is needed at key stages"

A further 40 per cent disagreed, while the rest said they did not know.

The suggestion that a designer's input is needed reflects the "intelligent design" theory, promoted by American creationists as an alternative to Darwinian evolution.

Asked whether it was true that "God created the world sometime in the last 10,000 years", 32 per cent agreed, 60 per cent disagreed and eight per cent did not know.

The figures aren't that far removed from the latest survey of American. I think Young Earth Creationism is slightly high here. It would have been nice to see them break down the survey by location, age groups and level of education.

I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come. I had seriously convinced myself that Creationism would die along with the evangelical Baby Boomers but they are popping out babies faster than everyone else. Ah well, maybe I can find some creative new avenues of profit in this New Dark Age. Now excuse me while I go bone up on my cold reading.

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