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Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Sunday, January 11, 2009 | Published in

Yes, it has already been 2 days since I last posted. I promised myself that I wasn't going to have gaps of several days between posts because that is one of the things that quickly killed my last sad sad attempt at blogging. Alas, life gets in the way. This weekend I learned that there is something worse than dial-up internet: satellite internet. Apparently satellite internet refuses to connect when it is partially cloudy outside. I've been been able to even check my e-mail this weekend. Curse you, o cruel fates!!!

Anyways, since I don't really have enough time to write a full post right now (and I'm really really behind on what else is going on in the blogosphere) I'll just give you a sneak preview of what I hope to be posting about in the near future. I should have a post done for tomorrow or Tuesday about Apophenia/Pareidolia and how skepticism and Discordianism are linked by it. I hope to have a post in the next week or so about the importance of the Court Jester and how humor can have a strong political effect. I might (or might now) have a post about the Militant Agnostic Society soon. I'll have to spend some time brainstorming about it first.

I hope that there are enough stupid things happening in the meantime so that I don't end up with another 2 or 3 day gap. I'm hoping that this blog will become a permanent fixture. I really don't want it to peter out like the last blog did. It'd be nice if I had an actual audience too. I think I'll have to pimp myself after I've got a few weeks worth of posts going...

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