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In order to be lazy I'm copying over my collection of personal memebombs from the other blog. I'm probably going to delete it soon and want to make sure that I have there for future posterity. Some of these are good, some of these are atrocious, some I don't even remember writing. Hopefully someone somewhere will gain a little bit of enlightenment from them.

IO's Razor: Never attribute to intelligence that which can be adequately explained by sheer dumb luck.

Godhood is only a pill away

Eris: She's in control when no one's in control.

No one cares if you lie on the internet.

When someone starts talking about The Truth, run!

Idealists have a hard time understanding that the universe doesn't give a fuck what they believe in.

Democracy is a popularity contest.

Eternal Truths are neither.

Theology: The only subject in the world you can study for your entire life and end up knowing less than when you started.

IO’s Law - Anyone who un-ironically types out the word "hmm..." on the internet is nowhere near as clever as they think they are and should be ignored at all costs.

If you can't laugh at yourself, then others will do the laughing for you.

Quick! Everyone count to zero!

* - For very limited definitions of "magick" and "real".

If God was real, you'd be dead by now.

Everyone has their favorite blind spot.

Happiness is all in your head.

Your model is dead!

Don't cut off your nose to spite your faith.

"Think outside the book."

"This _______ for entertainment purposes only."


Only biased people have opinions.

A well placed stiletto is more powerful than a thousand pens.

The "counter-culture" is neither.

"That's just what I believe" is not a valid argument.

Discordianism: It stirs the coffee.

Religion is a man staring at a tree and wondering who is moving the leaves.

Walk away and pretend this never happened.

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