Invisible Lines

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Tuesday, June 2, 2009 | Published in

You know what your problem is? You believe in too many of these Invisible Lines. You seem to think that this area is somehow better than that area way over there because of the invisible lines someone once drew on a map. The only difference between inside the city limits and outside the city limits is the type of badge that the guy hauling you off to jail is wearing. No matter how hard you look you will not find a real line separating one state from the next. The only difference from one state to the next is what percentage of your money goes into who's coffers. There is no difference between the people in this place and the people in that place. We all bleed just the same.

Even worse though is the fact that you believe the Invisible Lines in your brand of Holy Book. You think that there is a bright and sharp line between Good and Evil. You think that there is a clear list of Thou Shalls and Thou Shall Nots. But let me tell you, bucko, those beliefs will not save you. Sure, you say that all killing is wrong but when a tweaker with a switchblade is rushing you like a Berserker you'll pull the trigger 99 times out of 100. (The other time you'll be too busy crapping yourself). You say that it is better for the one to sacrifice for the good of the many until it is your ass on the line. Everyone believes in situational ethics, it's just that some of us are most honest than others.

And another thing, you are too idealistic. Ideology is screaming at the world that the color gray doesn't exist. It's pretending that black is over here and white is over there with a nice neat Invisible Line right down the center. But there's a whole lot of in between spaces you are missing. There are grays and purples and blues and reds and greens that you completely miss if you let idealism pluck out your eyes. What I'm saying is: don't stop believing, just don't limit your options.

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