Skeptics Mix Tape

Posted by : Rev. Ouabache | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | Published in

Dan Loxton, the editor of Junior Skeptics and the mastermind behind "What Do I Do Next?", just put together another really cool project. I present to you "The Skeptics Mix Tape 2009". It's a collection of 12 science and/or skepticism themed songs plus a trio of PSAs (one of them read by Bad Astronomer and president of JREF Phil Plaitt. There are a couple of artists I have mentioned here before, George Hrab and Hard 'n Phirm, plus famed geek rocker Jonathan Coulton and a whole bunch of interesting people I have never heard of.

My only gripe is that there is not an option to download the entire album at once. Anyways, I have a strong feeling that I'll be playing several of these on my next Indie/Output show on Radio Free Discordia *SHAMELESS PLUG*.

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