OSS Simple Sabotage Manual

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It's been awhile since I've covered any Discordian literature so I thought I'd talk about an odd little book that wasn't technically written by a Discordian but should still be considered an important part of any Discordian's library. The book I am speaking of is unique among Discordian holy books in the fact that it was actually written by an arm of the US government.

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was the United States' main intelligence agency during World War II. After the war was over the agency was split between the Departments of State and War. Part of that eventually became the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Just last year the National Archives released all of the OSS's documents to the public. The names of 24,000 spies were revealed, including tv chef Julia Child, baseball player Moe Berg, and director John Ford.

Hidden among millions of pages of documents was a short book entitled "Simple Sabotage Field Manual". The purpose of it was to help dissenters on the other side of enemy lines to slowly take down the system from within. The book is a handy guide on how to commit corporate sabotage. It includes such epic passages as:
Where destruction is involved, the weapons of the citizen-saboteur are salt, nails, candles, pebbles, thread, or any other materials he might normally be expected to possess as a householder or as a worker in his particular occupation. His arsenal is the kitchen shelf, the trash pile, his own usual kit of tools and supplies. The targets of his sabotage are usually objects to which he has normal and inconspicuous access in everyday life.

It includes helpful tips on how to recruit other saboteurs and together chip away at the Machine until it topples over. It is a fairly short book and should be read by all Discordians.

And thanks to Scribd I can do stuff like this:

OSS Simple Sabotage Manual
(WARNING: Chaoskeptic advises you to not use any of the methods suggested in the OSS Simple Sabotage Manual. If you are caught doing anything illegal, Chaoskeptic will disavow all knowledge of said agent. The revolution has abandoned you - You're on your own now.)

EDIT: The original person who posted this on Scribd deleted their copy. Since this post has been getting a lot of hits via Google I have decided to take matters into my own hands and upload a copy onto Scribd. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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